Achievements & Recent Successes

Below is a list of additional achievements we have reached on behalf of some of our clients. A full client list is also attached for your review: 

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is a world class premier research laboratory focusing on cancer, neuroscience, plant genetics, genomics and quantitative biology. In the 2015 state budget we were successful in obtaining a $150 million dollar state appropriation for transformative projects, including a research corridor for Long Island, New York.  In the 2016 state budget we achieved a $25 million capital appropriation for CSHL enabling them to construct a $75 million state of the art Center for Therapeutics Research. 


Our efforts on behalf of the Yankees have included such issues as siting and funding for the new Stadium, requiring lengthy negotiations with both public and private partners in the State and the ongoing reform of the ticket resale laws in New York State, which comes up for discussion on an annual basis.


We have been working with StudentsFirstNY for several years on behalf of the students of NYS regarding charter school initiatives, funding and education reforms. In addition to the many goals we have achieved for SFNY, we have successfully obtained  $100's of millions in increased charter school funding.


Orthodox Union is the largest Orthodox Jewish organization in the United States.  In 2015 we began working with the OU on advocacy issues related to religious and independent schools.  Our efforts resulted in an increase in more than $70 million in state funding, in that year alone, for the benefit of OU schools. In addition, we successfully achieved precedent setting budget language and appropriations which has set the groundwork for state funding for STEM related programs for all nonpublic schools.


In the early 2000’s great attention was being paid to the film and television studio industry in New York State. While it took a few long, arduous years to get there, we were able to achieve one of the most lucrative film tax credit programs in the country for productions coming out of New York, amounting to $1.2Billion over five years. It took a leap of faith and a lot of hard work on our part getting the powers that be to recognize that if you pay a little now, you get a lot later and we are proud to say this program has been wildly successful for our clients and the State of New York. 

Part of the world’s largest destination resorts operator, Genting (Resorts World NY) has been an unparalleled force in the gaming and development industry within New York State. Joining forces with Aqueduct Raceway in Queens several years ago has proven to be quite successful for our client, but was no easy feat to achieve. Numerous levels of negotiations were required at both the State and local level, but ultimately, proved successful. Having seen double digit growth since it opened, with over $700Million in revenue, Genting is one of the most productive economic development engines in New York State. 


Retained by a coalition of liquor store owners to lobby against the allowance of the sale of wine in grocery stores. This initiative has been proposed numerous times over the years and we have consistently defeated it. 


We were retained to lobby for the allowance of medical marijuana in the State of New York.  We were successful in our efforts, and the law was chaptered.  Continuing our work in this space, we successfully advocated for the to expand the program to include medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD.


In one of our most high profile efforts, we were hired to work towards getting Marriage Equality passed in New York State.  We saw great success in the passage and chaptering of this historic law. 


We were retained by the NFL to achieve a very targeted goal – the passage of statewide concussion management legislation. This legislation was successfully signed.



We represented the group in order to work on an issue that would have required the NYC BIDs to pay their workers a prevailing wage, something which was opposed by the organization. Our efforts proved successful, as the final version of the bill, which was chaptered, required a prevailing wage be paid by certain employers, but NYC BIDs were not among them.


Created in 1991, the purpose, in part, was to assist drivers of black cars in creation of their own Black Car Workers’ Compensation Fund. Since that time, we have continued to work on their behalf on a host of issues, including helping to create a productive relationship with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, passing laws providing for reciprocal understandings with various localities and working on numerous taxation issues. 



We worked with the Museum on various economic development strategies and approaches on a regular basis. The Museum operates through the achievement of state grants and public dollars in addition to monies they raise privately, which requires us to negotiate on-budget and off-budget fiscal items on their behalf. Additionally, as a portion of the Museum is an “authority,” we need to be mindful of various amendments and proposals that may impact or affect the entity in such a capacity.


We worked with the Counties on a variety of issues relating to items affecting local governments, including tax issues and general relationship building between the local and state/federal levels. 


This organization is made up of fire officers within FDNY. Our charge every year varies in scope from training requirements of fire officers, COLA legislation for family of fallen firefighters and discussions surrounding the potential closure of fire houses. We maintain strong relationships with legislative members and chairs of the Labor Committees in both houses, as well as representatives of the affected communities when specific issues arise. 

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